Cake at KC Crossroads at Grinders Sept. 5th


A great way to let loose for the night is by going to a concert. Almost every day of the week there's some type of concert, or show happening near our Four Winds Apartments at CrossroadsKC at Grinder's. One concert you can catch at this venue is the alternative rock band Cake, who'll be performing live on Sept. 5. Cake's concert is one of the KC … [Read more...]

Lulu’s Thai Noodles KC’s Favorite at Crossroads

lulu's thai noodle shop

Are you and your friends looking for the tastiest KC Crossroads' restaurants near Four Winds for your next meal? We recommend making Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop your next outing. Located in the midst of Kansas City's artsy Crossroads neighborhood, it's the local favorite to satisfy any sweet and spicy noodle craving. Lulu's uses only fresh ingredients to … [Read more...]

Kansas City Presents Red, White, and Boom

fall out boy

If you missed the 4th of July fireworks or just want to see a great show with lots of loud music and fireworks, you won’t want to miss Mix 93.3’s annual Red, White, and BOOM in Kansas City. Mark off your calendars for Saturday, August 9th – keep the whole day free, because the concert starts at 4:00 pm. This year’s concert features the Illinois rock … [Read more...]

Kansas City Royals Battle The Yankees

kansas city royals

August 25th is a date you don't want to forget. It is the day that the Kansas City Royals will take on the New York Yankees in a game that will play a part in determining which of these rivals is the better team. Minutes away from your Four Winds apartment is where the showdown will take place. Get your friends and family together to witness this epic game … [Read more...]

Best Kansas City Dogs: Wally’s ChicagoDogs

wally's chicagodogs & more

Hot dogs have long been a staple for American summers. There's nothing quite like biting into an all-beef hot dog, covered in your favorite toppings, on a fresh bun that holds the entire thing together. If you're looking for the best Kansas City street hot dogs then we here at Four Winds apartments are happy to guide you to one of our personal … [Read more...]